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Corrugated Beauty.

This may seem a strange topic for my first blog post, but corrugated iron has been on my mind recently. A couple of weeks ago I joined the Facebook group - The Corrugated Iron Appreciation Society. Yes, there is such a thing and it's a lot of fun - many very nice photographs from all over the world. I am particularly fond of the way corrugated iron ages and weathers creating wonderful colours, patterns, and textures. There aren't many man-made building materials that look better with age and can blend into the landscape with grace. We're particularly blessed in The Scottish Highlands with many fine examples of its moldering beauty.

The picture above is of a, sadly, deserted cottage and fank made, it seems, entirely of corrugated iron at Kinbrace in Sutherland. I posted it to the group and it was very well received.

The picture above is from a building that used to stand just to the west of The Oykel Bridge Hotel, also in Sutherland. The yellow-painted corrugated iron has weathered beautifully along with the wood of the door and the sign, not to mention the rusty chain. Lovely!

Finally, the picture above is, I am sure, well-known to many of you. It's the red tin roof of the cottage that stands beside Loch Shieldaig in Wester Ross with the mountains of Torridon in the background. It has been featured in many a Scottish calendar and postcard - including my own.

I hope you enjoyed this post, Hugh.

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