Our range of high-quality wee desk calendars has been popular throughout Scotland for more than ten years. Thank you to all our loyal customers who return year after year.

                                           2022 CALENDARS COMING SOON


2021 marks the fifteenth anniversary of The Wee Calendar Company.

We started with just one calendar back in 2006  and in 2021 we'll be publishing thirty-two.

The calendars cover most areas of Scotland and three areas in Northern England.

The calendars are very popular with locals and tourists alike.

Our loyal customers return year after year for their Wee Calendars which, being small but sturdy, are sent all over the world.

Their neat and tidy dimensions make them ideal gifts for those who love the landscapes

of Scotland and of Northern England.

They make the ideal memento of a special holiday, or as a reminder of home for family

and friends who may be far away.

Our calendars are also available from retailers throughout Scotland and Northern England.

    Small is beautiful.

Measuring approximately 10cm square, our Wee calendars are just the right size to be held in the hand. Many of our customers sit one on their desk, by their computer or by the telephone.

They are small enough to be popped into a briefcase or handbag and can be easily and

cheaply posted due to their convenient dimension.

They are made from a high-quality card, and the back, which also doubles as the stand, is

stiff and strong - very different from the thin card normally used for desk calendars.

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